NIU Rental is a new service from NIU that allows users to rent NIU products for as little as one hour or as long as one year.

The NIU Rental app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

It takes xx to verify your account.

Our scooters vary in range capacity and have removable batteries that can be charged anywhere. You will always be equipped with a charger when you rent a scooter.

Our scooters have removable batteries that can be charged anywhere.

NIU Rental is beschikbaar in bepaalde steden in Duitsland, Frankrijk, Italië, Spanje, Portugal, België, Oostenrijk, Nederland, Verenigd Koninkrijk, Tsjechië, Roemenië en Israël

All scooters are insured with 3rd party liability. Extra insurance may be available for purchase.

A NIU Rental includes the vehicle, insurance, maintenance, and app connectivity.

You can use your NIU Rental anytime, and it will be available for pick up and drop off during business hours of our rental points.

You can see all past, current, and future bookings on the “My Bookings” page of the NIU Rental App.

Ja. We hebben zelfs modellen beschikbaar die klaar zijn voor lading.


A valid license is required at each classification of vehicles offered.

Anyone over the age of 18 with a valid drivers license is able to use NIU Rental.

Yes, only the registered user is allowed to drive the rented scooter.

Ja, de meeste van onze scooters hebben een capaciteit van 2 personen.

You are not permitted to cross borders without prior written consent of the dealer.

Scooters can be parked anywhere as long as it complies with the local parking legislation.


On the NIU Rental APP, if you have allowed location services, you will see the rental points in your area, and what products they have available. Additionally, you can find scooters available based upon another selected location

This booking will be verified by the dealer who will ensure that the scooter is ready for you when you arrive.

Once you have selected your scooter, select your time duration and confirm your booking.

Please bring a photo ID and credit/debit card for rental pick up.

Make sure you are registered and that your booking is confirmed before riding!

All scooters are started with a key that can be picked up at the dealer.

You can not end a booking while in progress unless you return to the dealer, however you can turn off or park your scooter at any point during the rental.

The rental ends when you return the scooter to the dealer from which you picked it up.


Please inform the dealer immediately if there is a defect and they may offer you a suitable alternative.

Please make the dealer aware if the scooter is damaged before the rental, if it is damaged during the rental please refer to our terms and conditions section about damages.

You are responsible for paying any fine that you incur.

Seek medical attention immediately if required, but inform your dealer immediately if the scooter is damaged.


Er zijn geen kosten verbonden aan registratie.

It will vary between time duration, model and location. All prices are viewable in the NIU Rental App.

Payment transactions take place at the dealer when you pick up the scooter.

Deposit amounts vary between location and model. Talk to your local dealer for details.

An invoice will be sent to you by email at the end of the rental.

Penalty fees for lateness may be applied and vary between dealers.

In the “xxx” section of the NIU Rental App, input your promo code for credit towards your rental.

Ja. You earn €5 credit every time a friend makes a booking using your unique code.


Terms and conditions can be found here.

You can find our privacy policy here.

Your NIU Rental account can be deleted any time.